Born in 6th of September 2000 in İzmir, Turkey. Started his piano studies with Ayşe Yavaş when he was 6 years old. Studied with Aslı Tuncay in İzmir Dokuz Eylül University for 9 years. Currently student of Prof. Tomislav Nedelkovic Baynov in Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, Germany.

Recorded his composition “Rondo in Aksak Rhythm” for Accordion, Cello, Piano and Trumpet with his new music group Feynman Ensemble and did a Workshop with Prof. Sonja Schmid within Atelier Tage 2021 in HfM Trossingen (2021)

1st place and gold medal in II. Tryavna Art Festival Piyano Competition in Bulgaria. (2020)

2nd place and “Yunus Emre Institute – Best Turkish Composer Performance” special prize winner in Princess Lalla-Meryem Piano Competition (AAF member) in Rabat, Morocco. He received his prizes from Turkish Ambassador Ethem Barkan Öz and Director of Yunus Emre Institute Özgür Kuş. (2018)

Performed at Leyla Gencer Opera Hall’s season opening concert as one of Idil Biret’s four masterclass pupils. (2017)

Participated in TRT (Turkish Radio & Television) Radio’s broadcasts in context of April 23rd and October 29th national days where his performances and compositions were also played. (2017)

Participated in PIANALE Junior and studied with Prof. Grigory Gruzman, Prof. William Fong and Prof. Uta Weyand. (2016)

Writes for Andante Classical Music Magazine since September, 2015.

Participated in “Taubman Approach” masterclasses in Princeton via the Scholarship he got from The Golandsky Institute. (2015)

Performed at Solitar Concert Hall within “Richard Strauss Competition” final round in Mozarteum University at Salzburg, Austria. (2014)

Graduated from “BILSEM” after 9 years of education. (BILSEM is a project which educates intellectually gifted children with a level of IQ above 130, and is funded by the government.) Also wrote a march for BILSEM, which is approved by the Ministry of National Education to officially become the “March of BILSEM”. (2015)

1st place on “Izmir National Piano Competition” with a gold medal. (2011), Jury Prize in “YAMAHA Europe Piano Competition” in Izmir, Turkey. (2014), 3rd place on “1st Nilüfer International Piano Competition” in Bursa, Turkey. (2016), 3rd place on “2nd Mozart Competition” in Tbilisi, Georgia. (2017) 3rd place on “Heirs of Orpheus Piano Competition” in Albena, Bulgaria (2018)

Participated in piano masterclasses of Jean-Bernard Pommier (2016), Edna Golandsky (2015), Mary Moran (2015), John Bloomfield (2015), Emre Elivar (2012, 2013), İdil Biret (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), Rolf Plagge (2014), Muhiddin Dürrüoğlu (2016), Gülsin Onay (2014, 2016) and composition masterclass of Fazıl Say (2013).